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Multimedia & Web Designing:

Learn animation, desktop publishing, image editing, audio editing, graphic designing and special effects and enter the flourishing world of 3D Modelling, Interactive Games, Publishing, Jewellery & Fashion Designing, Media, Web and Internet. When Hanuman carried the Gandhamardan Mountain on his shoulders, little did he know that one day he would appear on TV screens across India illuminating the faces of India's children with radiant smiles.

1. DDGD (Diploma in DTP & Graphics Designing)
2. DPWD (Diploma in Professional Web Designing)
3. WDP I (Web Development Programming I)
4. WDP II (Web Development Programming II)
5. DDTP (Diploma in Desktop Publishing)
6. CDP (Certificate in Desktop Publishing)
7. CGD (Certification in Graphic Designing)
8. CWD (Certification in Web Designing)